32. Practice the five strengths, the condensed heart instructions.

This is the first of two slogans referring to the five strengths. While Slogan 47 under Point IV relates to the process of dying, this one refers to the practice of living:

  1. Strong Determination: Life is practice. I am motivated to awaken Basic Goodness in myself and others.
  2. Familiarization: I am familiar with the dharma and everything is a reminder of the path. I learn to live with awareness and sanity.
  3. Seed of Virtue: I stay awake without taking a break, relaxing into wakefulness.
  4. Reproach: I do my best to let go of ego clinging and transform it into presence.
  5. Aspiration: I continually aspire to make these practices a way of life. In the traditional practice of Lojong there are three specific aspirations:
    a. Save all sentient beings;
    b. Remember two-fold bodhicitta; and
    c. Practice two-fold bodhicitta.

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