29. Don’t expect applause.

This is another big favorite of mine! Akin to the practice of “refraining from outrageous conduct” described in a later slogan, it’s a pointer to the opportunity I have to just do what needs to be done with sincerity and genuine intention. I don’t have to make a big show about what I do, hoping that others will praise me for what I’m doing or even notice what I’m doing. I can open my heart without expecting anything in return, doing something for others for the sake of doing.

This is also a pointer to two different types of motivation (hat tip to Alfie Kohn). Extrinsic motivation is when I do things to receive a reward (applause, for example) or to avoid a punishment. Intrinsic motivation, however, is when I do things for their inherent value, whether or not anyone else sees me doing them.

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