Updated Tonglen Timers

Doing a little housekeeping, I have updated the recordings for the guided and unguided Tonglen timers. You can find them on the Practices Page linked at the bottom of the website.

Comments Enabled

Hi, if there’s anyone out there reading this. 🙂 I’ve decided to open comments on this blog, so now you can contact me by leaving a comment on a post. I’m hoping this results in less spam than the contact form.

Update to Commentary

This morning when I listened to the commentary for Slogan 45, This time, practice the main points, I found it a bit sparse! So I have added a bit of explanation and updated the commentary page.

Just Enjoy the Show

Earlier this week I watched the Brad Pitt film Moneyball for the first time. While I liked the movie well enough, what really touched me was the song “The Show” performed by Kerris Dorsey, a young actor playing Pitt’s 12-year-old daughter. I loved the sweetness of her voice and the poignant lyrics. Today in our …