Training the Mind and Living from the Heart

This project is based on Lojong, a set of teachings and practices for training the mind that comes from Tibetan Buddhism. My intention is to offer a fresh, new perspective on the teachings. It is offered in the spirit of generosity, with the hope that all who see it will benefit.

I dedicate this project to the memory of my dear friend and colleague Jared Finkelstein, who died far too young in February 2023.


Lojong, or mind training, is a set of teachings and practices from Tibetan Buddhism. This project offers a reorganized version of Lojong centered on a teaching known as The Three Difficulties.

Points of Mind Training

The Lojong teachings were originally offered in a framework of Seven Points of Mind Training. In this revised presentation, there are Four Points of Mind Training.


The Lojong teachings are presented through short, pithy slogans. The original presentation contains fifty-nine slogans, while this revision contains forty-eight. Some of the original slogans are quite similar and are thus combined together in this presentation.


In traditional Buddhism, masters and scholars often write commentary on previous texts or teachings for greater understanding of the original teachings. While I am neither a master nor a scholar, in this project I offer a commentary which synthesizes my own learning and direct experience.

Dedicating the Merit

This is a profound and important part of practicing in the Mahayana tradition, because it brings to life the idea of devoting all of one’s actions to the benefit of all beings. This page offers three options for dedicating the merit after Lojong practice.